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Folk Dance Show
Cusco By night
Folk Dance Show
Cusco By night
Cusco Entertainment

The city of Cusco, with its colonial and Inca architecture is a cosmopolitan city, with worldwide people and all the languages. Cusco's nightlife and entertainment places does not pause any day.

Normally, the city is inundated of foreign tourists, and has a party atmosphere, Cusco is especially entrancing in the early evening, as lights twinkle in the hills and the street lamps in the Plaza de Armas (Main Square) give a golden glow to the square.

The entertainment offer is varied, bars, pubs, discos, cafés restaurants, live music show and more.

Modern Cusco pulses to the rhythm of its main activity, tourism. The overwhelming importance of this industry has meant the development of a great diversity in the products and services of this town of 1 million people. Nowadays, there is an adequate infrastructure to ensure that the huge number of visitors who come here each year are satisfied and have fun.

Folk Dance & Music Shows:

  • Teatro Municipal: Mesón de la Estrella 149
  • Qosqo Center of Native Dance: Av. Sol 604 - Daily shows at 7pm

Bars & Pubs (Most bars are open from 11 am until 2 am)

  • Cross Keys: Portal Confiturías 233, Plaza de Armas
  • Los Perros: Tecsecocha 436
  • The Muse: Tandapata 684, San Blas
  • Baco: Calle Ruinas 465
  • Fallen Angel:  Plaza de Nazarenas 221


  • Mama Africa: Portal de Harinas 191, second floor
  • Mama Amerika: Portal Belén 115, second floor
  • Eko Club: Plateros St. 334, second floor.
  • Mama Africa: Espaderos St. 135 second floor.
  • Xtreme: Portal Espinar St. 108.
  • Kamikaze: Regocijo Square
  • Uptown: Suecia St. 302.


  • El Buen Pastor: Cuesta San Blas 575.
  • Café Ayllu: Portal de Carnes 208, Plaza de Armas
  • Trotamundos: Portal de Comercio 177, second floor
  • Café Varayoc:  Espaderos 142
  • La Yunta: Portal de Carnes 214, Plaza de Armas

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